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Migrating from Razberry to Aeon Labs Z-Stick (perhaps with Domoticz)

After having used the Razberry on the Raspberry PI for quite some time now, I am growing tired of having to power cycle the PI every month of so because the Razberry stops working. Also the API to the Razberry has changed several times which forces me to change my software as well or to keep working with an older no longer supported API.

So I have decided to move away from the Razberry and use the Aeon Labs Z-Stick (gen-2) on a new PI 3. It seems that the Z-Stick solution is much more stable. If this works the way I hope I perhaps might migrate to a gen-5 Z-Stick as well. But since I already have a Gen-2 let’s use that to start with.

I am thinking about using Domoticz for its integrated Open ZWave library support to control my ZWave network. Since all of my domotica uses MQTT for communication I might use the MQTT possibilities of Domoticz too.

I will do some experimenting on this first before deciding to use Domoticz or perhaps some other Open ZWave implementation. Or even build my own MQTT gateway using the Open ZWave library.

Perhaps I will share some posts on how to get that working or how it turns out to work (or not).

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