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Migrating away from Elv MAX! heating

After having used the Elv MAX! heating solution for several years now, I have decided to finally move away from it. It simply is not stable enough for a longer period. Every couple of months the MAX! Cube loses its configuration or part of it. And then I have to pair every thermostat and radiator valve again.

However until recently I couldn’t come up with an affordable alternative to it. Stuff¬† like the Danfoss heating zones is very expensive. There are ZWave valves available but the limitiation with them is that they can only be controlled with a set temperature. And (of course) you don’t want to control a room from the temperature reading from several radiator thermostats but from a central reading on a room thermostat of some sort. But the most important issue with this is, that I have ‘city heating’. The hot water enters my house and flows into the radiators. This hot water flow is regulated with a ZWave switch which turns the flow on or off. For this to work I need to know when to turn on the boiler switch. If one would do this using the reported temperatures I think its level of control is not fine grained enough.

Fortunately there seems to be a new player on the market: the¬†EUROtronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus. It’s an affordable ZWAVE radiator thermostat which has the extra feature that you can choose to report and control the valve opening. With this option I can now see how far the radiator valves have been opened. And when one of them reaches the threshold (at for example 25% opening) I can actuate the boiler switch to let the city heating water flow into the house.

Since I am migrating to a ZWave Z-Stick solution anyway I might also start an experiment with one (or a few) of these newer radiator thermostats to see how this performs.

This is also important since I am having an airco/Heat pump installed into the living room. The plan is to let both the city heating and the heat pump work together to get a comfortable temperature in the living room.

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